Commercial Plywood

  • Applicability: Furniture, Ceiling, Paneling, Packing &
    various kinds of interior works
  • Size Availability: 8×4, 7×4, 6×4
  • Thickness Availability: 4mm to 20mm

Quality is the key competitive advantage of Woodmart’s commercial plywood. We ensure a high level of quality throughout the entire manufacturing process, from the selection of high-quality wood to the strict quality control methodologies we employ, especially for our commercial plywood.

We use UF resin, which is known for its excellent board resistance, bonding, and strength between veneers, ensuring that our commercial plywood meets the highest standards. Our Commercial Plywood is certified with ISI and ISO, guaranteeing its quality and reliability. It is ideal for various applications such as furniture, ceiling, paneling, packaging, and interior works.