Film Faced Plywood BWP

  • Application: Application: *Ideal replacement for conventional
    wood and metal shuttering, Best for shuttering and centering work in the construction of buildings, dams, bridges, beams, roofing, etc.
    *Premium quality, high density – 39 kg, High solid content in resin
    *Heavy load capacity, especially for pouring concrete, Sustains alternate wetting & drying, Bonded with Melamine formaldehyde resins
  • Advantages: 460-70% cost saving,  Upto 25 times when used continuously
  • Thickness Availability: 12mm & 18mm
  • Size Availability: 8×4

The load-bearing quality of our shuttering plywood makes it suitable for heavy industry and structures, with extra compression that helps with better nailing and screw holding. With longer life and better performance guaranteed, Woodmart’s marine plywood is ideal for the construction industry, resulting in a smooth finish setting with a high density of 39k.